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Melodyne assistant is your choice if you have no desire to edit polyphonic material or need for the scale editing functions and extended timing tools of Melodyne editor. Apart from these differences, Melodyne assistant offers the same, user-friendly interface, the same sound quality, and the same flexible integration as Melodyne editor.

Whether running as a plug-in, stand-alone or linked to your DAW via Rewire, it lets you edit lead vocals, monophonic instruments, rhythms and noise-based material with all the tools and functions that have made Melodyne famous. Melodyne assistant also possesses the macros for the fast correction of intonation and timing, for instance, as well as allowing you to save notes as MIDI, and naturally it offers full 64-bit support.

If you wish, you can upgrade at any time from Melodyne assistant to Melodyne editor. The upgrade is available for the difference in price between the two editions and requires neither a further download nor a fresh installation.