PVB Portable Vocal Booth

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The perfect vocal booth for singers, voiceover artists, recording studios, podcasters, broadcasters and post-production.

• Reduce reflections down to as little as 0.07 seconds. 
• Up to -28.4dba noise reduction. 
• Height adjustable up to 210cm. 
• Portable and easily stored. 
• Real booth performance for singers, voice-over artists, broadcasters, podcasters and all recording professionals.

Incl. Booth, Roof, Accessory Bar, Book Stand, LED Light (Battery)

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The Patent Pending Portable Vocal Booth’s light aluminium cylindrical design largely eliminates the issue of standing waves usually found in and around corners of vocal booths. With a circumference of 324cm and an opening of 80cm, the Portable Vocal Booth is spacious enough for just about any performer, especially over long periods.
Reduction in reflection time

With no less than 3 high performing layers of acoustic treatment and the roof, the Portable Vocal Booth offers an incredible 0.07 secs reflection time (RT60 in accordance with ISO 3382-2 Measurements) and an average of 28.4dba reduction (One-Third-Octave Spectrum LZeq in accordance with IEC 61260) which is unheard of for an open booth solution.

For all performers

The PVB stands at 210mm at its tallest setting, offering good headroom for even the tallest performer. If you record from a seated position, simply adjust the PVB to sit on your workspace and record in comfort.
Acoustically treated roof

The acoustically treated roof is easy to add securely to the PVB, not only that but it features a 30cm channel allowing you to lower an overhead mic into the booth.

Reflection Time – 0.07 (RT60 in accordance with ISO 3382-2 Measurements)
Noise Reduction – 28.4dba reduction (One-Third-Octave Spectrum LZeq in accordance with IEC 61260)
In Use Height – 181cm to 210cm (5’9? to 6′ 10?)
Circumference – 324cm (10′ 6?)
Opening – 80cm (2′ 6?)
Collapsed – W 125cm H 115cm D 35cm (W 4′ 1? H 3′ 7? D 1′ 1?)
Overhead Micstand Channel – 30cm (10?)
Weight – 35.5kg (78 lbs)
Shipping Weight – 41kg (90.3 lbs)

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Weight 41 kg