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Waves releases X-FDBK Feedback Eliminator


Nice and affordable tool for feedback elimination - easy to use -  "set-and-forget". See the video here:



Waves NX oferta de introducción

Waves NX

Waves NX

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instead of 99,00 EUR
only 49,00 EUR
you save 51 % / 50,00 EUR

21 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs

Shipping time: elec. delivery

Product no.: A126

Waves Specials


WAVES AUDIO ofrece cada mes unos descuentos especiales para muchos de sus productos de software. En vez de actualizar casi cada semana las ofertas te preparamos una OFERTA PERSONALIZADA al instante - dinos que producto buscas y te mandaremos tu oferta, basada en los actuales descuentos especiales de Waves.

Por favor envianos un mensaje a traves de nuestro formulario de contacto


Tenemos toda la gama de software de WAVES Audio disponible a través de AUDIONDA!

Waves EMI TG12345

WAVES releases legendary EMI TG12345 model!


Waves and Abbey Road Studios bring to life the legendary TG12345, the first-ever solid-state console from EMI which epitomized the sound evolution of the late '60s and early '70s and helped shape groundbreaking recordings by the Beatles, Pink Floyd, and many others.



Waves Overview

Waves provides a vast spectrum of solutions for studio recordings, from award-winning plugins and top-rated hardware processors to cutting-edge SoundGrid audio networking and processing solutions.


From the industry's most popular equalizers, compressors, and limiters to award-winning reverbs, noise reduction, and surround sound tools, Waves offers the world’s largest selection of professional audio plugins.

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From essentials like reverb, compression, noise reduction, and EQ to modeled analog hardware, surround and post production tools, artist signature collections and beyond, Waves Bundles feature the best of Waves GRAMMY® award-winning plugins.

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DiGiGrid offers a comprehensive product line of audio interfaces featuring world-class converters, state-of-the-art pre-amps and Ethernet connectivity, all of which give you the power to tap into the SoundGrid networking and processing platform.

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Equally at home in the studio or live on stage, MaxxBCL features bass enhancement, compression and level maximization in one rugged road-ready unit with state-of-the-art transformers, 48 bit double precision processing and a dynamic range of 125 dB.

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Modeled on a rare vintage Fairchild 670 from the personal collection of GRAMMY® award-winning producer/engineer Jack Joseph Puig, the PuigChild hardware compressor faithfully recreates the unmistakable sound of the original

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