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New mio™ series from iConnectivity




iConnectivity mio Advanced Interfaces

Give these MIDI superpowers to your applications from big to small.

Just plug into a mio to connect and collaborate, in the studio or on the stage. From the most essential up to the most extreme setup, there's a mio for you. The MIDI interface is reinvented.

compraahora-buttoniConnectivity mio10


This is the big one. 10x10 5-pin MIDI, and support for everything: USB MIDI, Ethernet MIDI, inter-computer MIDI... up to six computers at the same time! Onboard processing, filtering, merging, and routing means you can leave your extra hardware in the closet.



compraahora-buttoniConnectivity mio4


Half a rackspace of MIDI might, mio4 is a veritable MIDI master key. Connect your keyboards, old and new; multiple computers; network; and more. Take charge of your everything MIDI so you can create faster, better, and in exciting new ways!



compraahora-buttoniConnectivity mio2


The little MIDI problem solver. 2x2 5-pin MIDI, support for two Macs/PCs at the same time. Stick it in your bag, leave your extra MIDI routers, processors, and mergers at home - it's all inside.



compraahora-buttoniConnectivity mio


The only 1x1 MIDI interface for Mac or PC with world-class iConnectivity engineering inside. It's plug-and-play, easy to install, fast, and dependable (just like you).





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You are here: Home Our Brands iConnectivity New mio™ series from iConnectivity