• WAVES Audio

    Waves is one of the professional audio industry’s most notable success stories.

    Waves began in October 1992 with the introduction of the first audio plugin, the Q10 Paragraphic equalizer. The Q10 broke new ground in three major areas. First, it was the debut of the audio signal processor plugin, a tool commonly used today. Second, its graphic user interface gave users unprecedented control and eliminated the requirement for a DSP engineering background since it automated the filter coefficient calculations. Finally, the revolutionary Q10 offered sound quality equal to or better than many of its hardware counterparts.

    Another highlight of Waves’ first decade of success was the development of the L1 Ultramximizer™, which established a new benchmark for dynamic controls. Still considered innovative over a decade later, countless L1s are an integral part of studios all over the world. Propelled by an increasingly comprehensive product line, Waves quickly became a favorite of engineers worldwide and the choice of recognized audio masters.


  • Celemony


    In 1997, Peter Neubäcker began developing the idea behind Melodyne and in October 2000, together with his wife, Prof. Dr. Hildegard Sourgens, and the software developer and Technical Director, Carsten Gehle, founded Celemony Software GmbH, which is based in Munich. Melodyne was presented for the first time in 2001, at the Winter NAMM Show, and has won numerous international prizes both for its innovative approach and for its fantastic sound quality.

    Today, the staff of Celemony totals more than twenty people. There are several tenthousand registered Melodyne users and the program is sold all over the world by local distributors as well as via the Internet.

  • bitwig


    We are very proud to announce our upcoming product: Bitwig Studio. It is the result of passionate musicians wanting a more natural way to create music and sound.

    Bitwig Studio is a multi-platform music-creation system for production, remixing and performance with a focus on flexible editing tools and a super-fast workflow.


  • Slate Digital


    La  empresa americana del famoso productor de audio, Steven Slate, dedica a la emulación del sonido del mundo análogo, con productos como la Virtual Console Collection (VCC) y la Virtual Tape Machine (VTM), que dan a los usuarios los sonidos más deseados de mesas de mezcla (como SSL 4000, Neve, Trident o API, en la colección VCC) y también la saturación y sonido de las cintas magnéticas (2", 16 pistas de NRG Recording y ½", 2 pistas de Howie Weinberg Mastering Studios, en la colección VTM).



    35 Years of Making Magic

    For over 35 years, Aphex has been at the heart of professional audio, recording, broadcast, M.I., live and installed sound. It’s a legacy we’re proud of, a legacy we will build upon as we launch new products and technologies and expand into new market segments.

    Everything we do is driven by our passion to create the highest quality music and vocal performances and help artists, engineers and all our Aphex friends get the most out of every audio application and experience. Whether you’re performing, recording, broadcasting or using sound for communications and safety applications, Aphex is committed to providing the cleanest, clearest and most effective signal and dynamics processing technologies available. That’s what sets Aphex apart – no hype, just dedicated, talented engineers and designers steeped in the world of music, voice and audio.

    Aphex Is Still The Choice Of Professionals Worldwide

    Innovation and performance are the key directives at Aphex today. Every product, program and support effort has a singular goal: to provide the best performance and customer satisfaction. The proof of this can be seen in all the new operational improvements, product development programs and customer awareness initiatives taking place at Aphex – not to mention our great and growing Aphex team. We’ve even created a new program aimed at supporting the arts and music community.

    Bringing Aphex To New Places

    Aphex’s industry-standard Aural Exciter®, Big Bottom® and Compeller® technologies have been the basis for Aphex’s pro and M.I. products. As Aphex moves forward, this line of products will grow with new and exciting offerings for our core users – professionals and hobbyists alike. At the same time, Aphex is creating exciting opportunities for people to experience Aphex technologies in new ways. Our technology-licensing program has already created a buzz in the music world, as Dean Guitars has launched the first-ever line of musical instruments with Aphex circuitry built-in. Soon Aphex-enhanced products for music, voice, entertainment, communications and professional applications will be available from a variety of well-respected manufacturers.

    A DWV Entertainment Company

    Aphex is a wholly owned subsidiary of DWV Entertainment, a spin-off of David Wiener Ventures. DWV Entertainment’s Aphex and DW Collection brands exhibit the total commitment to performance, quality and style that have been the hallmark of all DWV companies.

  • Black Lion Audio

    Black Lion Audio - Handmade in U.S.A.

  • iConnectivity

    Interfazes de MIDI con tecnología "Audio passThru™"


    zynaptiq about banner 01

    Zynaptiq - Science, Not Fiction

    Located in Hannover, Germany, Zynaptiq creates technology and applications for processing, analyzing, categorizing and generating audio-visual data.

    We utilize state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and signal processing techniques, and draw on a combined 40-year background in professional software development and audio production.

  • Manuel Rodriguez






    US made AURATONE speakers, used since the 1950´ies in almost all famous studios wordwide

  • SPL Sound Performance Lab



    SPL Sound Performance Lab - mas de 30 años desarollando productos para los estudios profesionales. Con fabricación propia en Alemania.


    Hitos de la compania:

    • desarollo del patentado Vitalizer® sound optimization
    • desarollo del Transient Designer – "the mother of all transient designing tools"
    • desarollo de Auto-dynamic De-Esser – eliminando S-sounds por cancelación de fase
    • el primer sistema de "discrete 5.1 surround miking" Atmos 5.1 en 1998
    • desarollo del "SPL 120V rail op-amps" - componentes integrales de la gama mas alta de SPL; un nuevo hito en procesamiento de signales de audio para mejorar sistemas analógicos o digitales existentes.
    • desarollo de "Phonitor matrix", reprodución de audio en auriculares similar a un sistema de altavoces



  • Waves SGS Hardware

    Waves Hardware & SoundGrid Systems

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